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Welcome to Joxer and Koko's siberian husky site.
Joxer and Koko are two copper and white siberian huskies that were rescued by me from the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society. They are both around 5 years old now, but still playfull and spunky. They enjoy thier life of lounging around the house......or running full speed through the livingroom... depending on their mood. The also keep the yard free of unwanted critters ( Cats, mice, racoons, skunks, cats, birds, and cats... humm.. did I mention Cats?



Siberian Huskies make wonderfull pets. Mine are great to have inside and out. The have tested every part of my fence and I never leave them out in our fenced yard with out me watching. Koko dosn't leave anymore but Joxer thinks it's still a great adventure to escape and run around two blocks to show up at the otherside of our home.

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